Being involved with Guggleton can mean attending an exhibition, joining a workshop or simply popping in for a cup of tea. If you enjoy any of those things on regular basis then we would be delighted if you would consider becoming one of our volunteers. We are now in need of vital help to upgrade facilities in order to host more exhibitions, events and workshops and to create more studios and spaces for artists, makers and practitioners to work out of.

We hope that help raised here will allow us to stage and host events that will let us include far more people in our endeavours, whilst in themselves raising funds for the ongoing development of the farmyard and program.

By volunteering you could help us with many aspects of running the Guggleton such as gallery sitting, stewarding for events, workshop support, publicity etc.

But we also need help to:

– Provide 6-8 more low rent studio spaces for artists and makers

– Create a cafe/coffee house – as we hope to be able to offer refreshments on a more permanent basis rather than in just a pop up fashion as we currently do.

– Develop an all inclusive membership system which can be entered by cash or time barter to ensure all aspects of the community are served. 

– Develop our GUGGLEHEADS program aimed at getting more young people and children involved in aspects of creativity they may not be have the facilities or time to encounter at school.

If you have, or know of someone who has, the skills, ability or time to help us with any of this then please do use the contact form below.

Thank you for looking in to supporting us and getting involved at Guggleton!

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