Stephen Snell

Dad, oil on canvas, 2019

I’m Stephen Snell, born in Essex and living in Sherborne,  I own a small TV aerial installation business, which has been an asset and liability in terms of my art career.  On the one hand, the business introduces me to many portrait commissions and on the other hand, I’m so busy with installations that I then don’t have time to do the commissions.

I came across Guggelton Farm Arts while installing an aerial at the farm, the opportunity to take on a studio was just waiting. For me this is a necessary discipline, to force me to take time out to increase painting time and catch up on outstanding commissions, as I work in this area, I am able to pop in and out in between jobs and so far its worked.

I’ve never really considered why I paint, I just do it and get an immense amount of satisfaction in doing and completing a painting, I guess there is a certain amount of an ego boost with each happy customer. I mainly paint portraits as I love to capture people, the picture of my father was to get his ever humorous and pondering character, something I could look back on now that he passed away this year.

This new venture for me at Guggleton Arts will doubtless improve my output, mindset and with me currently being old school realism it might even move me on to experimenting with slightly more abstraction in my work. 

Stephen regularly takes portrait commissions, if you would like to contact  Stephen about this then please use the contact form below.




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