So……what’s in the Crafty Cupboard right now?

Here we are again, home and twiddling our thumbs…. so let’s make the most of this time…..up-cycle some rubbish, use our imagination and have some crafty fun!

Here’s a project that can be as big or small as you like….. CARDBOARD CITIES……

If you have a favourite toy figure then you can make it to scale for them, or maybe you can build a model that represents your own home or village/town? Of course you can also simply let your imagination run wild and create a completely imagined town or city. These can then be used for play, performance or simply hung on a wall as a sculptural work of art!

Just take a look at this amazing example….

……for instructions go to our GUGGLEHEADS page and for supplies go to the Crafty Cupboard!

Happy House Building Guys.


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