Our Repair Shop Shed is now open!

For more details of how to become a Stalbridge Guggleton Shedder  use the contact form below or call us on 01963 363456.

Thanks to the generosity of Isabel and the skills of Fred ‘the Shed’ Morgan, Ian ‘the Titan’ Crichton, Ian ‘the Johnson’ Thompson and Chris ‘no gibber’ Gibbs…..PLUS Jon and Jill Fraser, Colin Reed and Bob Penfold…

All we need now are more tools, projects and biscuits……so if you have a project you need help with, a hankering for a tinker or just want to ‘Whittle and Witter’ then pop in, if there is nobody about [there always is!] then pop your details down in the ‘RED BOOK’ and we will be in touch with details on how to get involved.

You can locate our shed on the national map here