At Guggleton we firmly believe that the capability to create is part of every human nature. The health benefits of creative pursuits are inarguable, sometimes though a person’s enjoyment of their creativity can be compromised physically, mentally or philosophically.

With that in mind, at the Guggleton we like to surround ourselves with people who can help creativity flourish; whether that be advancing your painting skills, freeing your hand, loosening your brush work or advancing your life skill, freeing your mind and loosening your back…

The practitioners below are all highly skilled at what they do and can be contacted via us or by going directly to their own media pages. Their schedule of workshops can be viewed and booked here.

Siska Redman – NLP Therapist, FH, MTA

Hello everyone! I am Siska, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), available for you at the beautiful Guggleton with knowledge about communication, good emotional health and creativity. My first degree in Music Therapy included three years at the prestigious Heidelberg School of Medicine along with lectures in  Composition (Music) which paved my way for profound knowledge about human emotions and creativity.

I have been very fortunate to have worked in my native Germany, Switzerland and Canada before settling in Somerset with my family.

NLP is an incredible communication system which transforms emotional states quickly and makes individuals enormously resourceful in how they communicate their needs. We are offering 1:1 sessions from Guggleton or online and also group workshops on various topics. Check our Whats on page for updates! I have transformed my own midlife and creativity with NLP after a bumpy encounter in my 40ies which inspired me to step up and live an extraordinarily beautiful life with a lot of personal freedom.

My clients come to me in order to get relief from depressive or anxious phases, fatigue, wanting to improve their communication, wanting a change in career or relationships, to stop smoking or lose body weight. My clients love improving and growing. Get in touch for a free discovery call if this speaks to you.  Instagram:  @siska.redman_coaching

Carol Thorneycroft – Holistic Therapist

Hello, I’m Carol I’ve been a holistic therapist for 25 years and have worked in two prestigious spas in Bournemouth: The Chewton Glenn for ten years and Careys Manor in the New forest for three years, before moving to Stalbridge where I now own my own holistic therapy business. I’m qualified in aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage, Indian head massage, Hot Stone therapy and Reiki [Master level].

I have been running meditation groups for 13 years, helping people to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression or simply to learn to meditate for themselves to increase their general wellbeing.

I also teach Reiki and Metatron Colour Healing. I can’t wait to offer these therapies at Guggleton, which in itself is a beautiful, serene place to come to and engage with art. I can offer individual treatments, small groups or larger and will be putting together workshops in the following fields:

– Introduction to meditation

– Introduction to Reiki and its healing benefits

– Meditation classes for children and adults

– Relaxation for seniors

– Crystal workshops for adults and children

– Meditation with sound alongside Siska Redman

– Colouring Mandala meditation for wellbeing

– Walking meditation

Take a look at the Workshops and Talks page for more details or contact me at:  and Facebook @ametrine lodge holistic therapies.