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We just want to be liked….

This article featuring Guggleton’s founder, Isabel de Pelet, appeared in last week’s Blackmore Vale Magazine.
Our Dutch Barns are a really great space but we desperately need Livestock blinds to provide shelter and protection from the elements which will extend their season considerably and enable us to use the barns for more events, longer in the year.
We have been approved for entry into the Calor Rural Community Fund and we are now eligible to crowdfund with the aim of raising £10,000.
We are competing with projects all over the country and will be judged on impact and sustainability.
It’s really easy and if you have never taken part in crowdfunding before, please have a go! The race for the most points ends on the 7th of July…
All you have to do is go to our project page here: and ‘like’ or ‘share’ and we will receive 1 point. If you wish to donate – amounts from £20 – we receive 10 points!