Just in case you have forgotten how…

At the end of Stalbridge Primary School’s ‘residency’ in the Milking Parlour Gallery and at the face of the giant community drawing, we asked the last class [Year 2] if they felt that the adults, who would now be allowed to add to the drawing as well, would know what to do…..

The answer was, fairly inevitably, a resounding and sadly emphatic ‘no’.

Given that they thought this to be the case the group of 6-7 year olds were then asked if they had any tips or hints to help their adults and other visitors. Of course they did! These are they:

Here are a few snapshots of adults who took their advice and the advisors.

The drawing will be added to until Saturday the 25th when we will have a tea and cake party to celebrate our collaboration [from 1-3pm]. DO come.

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