Journalling tips from Jenni….

Jenni Richards – Textiles Tutor and Director

Journalling is doable by all.

It is accessible for all.

*You can even make your journal using only items that are available in your own home *


Equipment you might like to assemble:


Any paper/cardboard/wallpaper

Old books (novels/textbooks)




Felt tip pens/pencils/paints (emulsion paint if you have any)


Stencils and stamps if you have them.




Make your own book – either use a novel/textbook (paperback or hardback)  !Readymade!

Or cut up paper/newspaper to whatever size you choose  and fold into a book.


Paint the pages with emulsion or any type of paint so that you have a blank canvas, or stick other papers to the pages.


Choose some quotes that are meaningful to you, or make your own quotes, or choose words that are important or emotive. You can use slogans, poems or lines from novels that appeal or sum up your feelings. Or write your own words, or mix it up!


Cut out magazine images that appeal or have some personal resonance and that are appropriate to your quotes/words.


Stick them into your pages and draw/paint/embellish them. Use your stamps or stencils if you have them, or make your own!


Build up some layers, decoupage with different papers, found objects, ephemera.


Draw, write, print, paint your quote/words. Or if you prefer, cut out separate letters to stick together to make words, or cut out whole words (ransom note style!).


Make it your own. You can just do one word per page, or fill whole pages with text.


It doesn’t have to be treated as a diary – the idea is to make a keepsake that contains your feelings and emotions and captures what the COVID Lockdowns have meant and mean to you – how it has effected you, what affect it has had on your life.

In this small way we can all of us write ourselves into history, for the benefit of those that come after us.


For more information on the practice of journalling click here.



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