Jenni Richards

Textiles Tutor and Director

As a fully qualified interior designer with several textile courses under her belt and a lifelong love of sewing, Jenni has downsized design to a much smaller scale of creativity.  Hand stitching and in particular embroidery, using up- cycled textiles and fabrics, provides a discipline in which she can translate her interest in botanicals and our surrounding countryside into a touchable medium.

With a keen interest in wellbeing and mental health awareness, Jenni is an advocate for the incredibly empowering effect that hand stitching (or indeed any hand craft) has on our health.  Studies show that just 20 minutes of hand sewing lowers one’s blood pressure and reduces stress and anxiety, and with this in mind, she teaches using many different mediums and techniques in a relaxed and welcoming environment.         Classes are informal restful and friendly, either in in groups or one to one. 

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