Over the 2020 school summer holidays GUGGLEHEADS took the form of a WEEKLY CHILDREN’S HOLIDAY CLUB FOR ARTS AND CRAFTS….

Throughout the sessions, which got very mucky, we made our own, unique, super hero/ine costume to wear at the end of hols party…which was a Saturday morning disco to the spinning toons of Kev Haines! What a hoot!

Thanks so much to artist Millie Gleeson for her special help in constructing our headdresses….



Welcome to the Hotel Gugglefornia……such a lovely place!

This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we need your help! The GuggBugHotel is open for business but the rooms are looking a bit sparse…They need decorating and naming. If you are out on a walk then please pick up a room kit from the box on top of the cupboard.
Always wash your hands.

For a great list of ideas of how to furnish your room then look here:

…..and in the words of The Eagles [ask your adults] ‘Such a lovely place’…..

It’s Show Time!!!

This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we are making a doorway theatre for the puppets we made last week…You are going to need a large, or two medium sized, cardboard boxes and a kit from the cupboard. There are still a few puppet making kits available too if you wish to swell your cast…but if you don’t want to make any just use Barbie and Ken….teddy and panda or draw a face on a wooden spoon or two!



Puppets not Muppets!

There are still some puppet making kits available in the bag below the Crafty Cupboard if you need some stars for your theatre!

Paper Bag Bunting!

Here are the ‘how to’s:

10. Hang your bunting!

REMEMBER PLEASE: Get an adult to do the dangerous bits (they love it), keep away from fire when complete, your bunting is not water proof! AND ALWAYS wash your hands! Happy Bunting!!! 

Stalbridge Goes Wild! Bee Project

In the Crafty Cupboard we now have pom-pom bee making kits…. lets not forget that, while we are all home the bees are still out working!

In the last few weeks before lockdown the Stalbridge goes Wild! [opens on their FACEBOOK page] Team have been preparing the ground and sowing wildflower seeds in locations around Stalbridge and the first few shoots are starting to show!

So let’s help the bees get to work by putting up some signposts! 

Simply click on here to go to our pom-pom bee making instruction page – huge apologies for the state of my bee – I am sure you can all do WAY better [I think mine might actually put them off!]
AAAARRGGHHHHH….. I’m more of a painter than a crafter, sorry bees, so I guess its ‘back to the drawing board’ for me….

Can’t wait to see your bees’ knees!




Image may contain: 1 person, hat and closeup

Okay Guys! It’s EASTER BONNET time..with a ‘my locked down family’ theme…let’s get making hats! There are Easter egg prizes for the family who look the most eggcellent in pics sent in response to our FACEBOOK posts by 6pm on Easter Monday….or you can simply email your photo entry here:
– All hats must be hand decorated – As many people as possible in the household please! (Yes, dads that means you….grandparents and pets too….) if you are short on ideas or craft supplies pop along to the ‘Crafty Cupboard’ on your excercise walk from tomorrow and pick up some bits and bobs….



Drawing you in…..

Thanks so much to all the honorary GUGGLEHEADS of Stalbridge Primary School who kicked off our January ‘Drawing You In…..’ event in such fantastic style, you were amazing,

inspiring and fun!

Hallowe’en was a spooky success!

Circus skills at Hallowe’en were a frighteningly good success…. although some of the kids were a bit big……#bringingthetrickback



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