In the Crafty Cupboard we now have pom-pom bee making kits…. lets not forget that, while we are all home the bees are still out working!

In the last few weeks before lockdown the Stalbridge goes Wild! [opens on their FACEBOOK page] Team have been preparing the ground and sowing wildflower seeds in locations around Stalbridge and the first few shoots are starting to show!

So let’s help the bees get to work by putting up some signposts! 

Simply click on here to go to our pom-pom bee making instruction page – huge apologies for the state of my bee – I am sure you can all do WAY better [I think mine might actually put them off!]
AAAARRGGHHHHH….. I’m more of a painter than a crafter, sorry bees, so I guess its ‘back to the drawing board’ for me….