Go Figure submissions


The instructions and information detailed here form part of the rules.

The competition is open to all artists aged 18 years or over as of 1 January 2019.

FIRST PRIZE: A free one month Solo Show at the Farm in 2020

SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH and FIFTH PRIZE: A free one month Joint Show and the Farm in 2020.

Entry Fees:

One work            £10.00          additional works £5.00 extra

Student entry     £5.00            additional works £5.00 extra

On receipt of your entry and entry fee, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Entries can be sent by Jpeg or video to: ann.guggleton@gmail.com or uploaded using the form below. 

This must include: title of works, medium, size, price [if appropriate] and date of completion, by Sunday June 16th at 5pm. A short [not more than 200 words] artist statement should accompany each entry [only once required for multiple submissions].

Payment can be made securely on our online payments page, all payments should reference the artist’s name and number of works. In the case of student entries details of the course attended should be submitted with the entry. Courses must be current. 

[Whilst this might not be the most sophisticated mode of entry your indulgence is begged as it is cheaper for us and costs you no more].

The selection of works will be made by Wendy Elia, David Cobley and Anthony Connolly. To learn more about our selectors click here.

All entrants will be notified if their work has been selected for the second round of judging by: Sunday 30th June by 5pm.

Selected artists will be required to send or bring their work to the judging venue between Tuesday 2nd and Saturday 6th July.

Those artists who are selected for the second round of judging will be notified if their work has then been selected for exhibition by Monday 15th July, those who have not been selected should make arrangements for the collection of their work on or by Saturday 20th July.

It is the artist’s responsibility to contact the gallery if s/he has not received notification by that date.

The exhibition at the gallery will be open to the public from the 20th of July until the 1st of September. There will be a Private View to which all entering and selected artists will be invited on the 19th of July from 6 until 9pm. Those notified as shortlisted for prizes must attend the Private View.

Artists selected for the final show will be asked, at their convenience, to enter into a program of discussions, talks and workshops during the show’s lifetime.

Works selected for exhibition cannot be removed before the end of the show and will be available for collection from the day after it ends.

The copyright for all works exhibited will remain the property of the artist, but it is a condition of entry that the artist or their representatives agree unconditionally that the gallery may reproduce any exhibited works, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, merchandise, discussion and education in direct connection with Guggleton, including the exhibition catalogue and subsequent publications, posters, prints and postcards. The gallery also reserves the right to reproduce selected images free of charge for core non-commercial purposes, for example in the Past Exhibitions page of the gallery website, indefinitely, as a public record.

It is also a condition on entering the competition that the artist agrees that visitors to the gallery are permitted to take photographs without flash of their work for personal, non-commercial use during the run of the exhibition. The gallery will install notices indicating that photography without flash is permitted provided it is for personal, non-commercial use but will not be liable if any images of the work, taken by visitors, are exploited commercially.

The responsibility for damage or loss, however caused, is the responsibility of the artist. Artists are therefore advised to arrange adequate insurance cover against such risks. The gallery shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether or not caused by their negligence.

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