Upcoming events

6-9pm 27th September

Also open 28 September 11-3

We are happy to co-host and support the staging of a ‘Secret Postcards’ fundraiser for Home-Start North Dorset at the Gallery on the evening of Friday 27thSeptember (with unsold postcards remaining on show and available for sale the following day, Saturday, 28th). The Secret Postcard concept was initiated by the RCA over 20 years ago and has been successfully adapted by many galleries and charities since, including the Guggleton. 

In essence professional artists are invited to create one or two standard (6” x 4”) postcard/s (of any subject and in any style) which will be sold over one evening for £45 each – all proceeds going to the charity.  In addition to established artists, a number of celebrities are expected to contribute, as well as a few amateur, semi-professional and ‘wild card’ submissions by enthusiastic supporters of the charity whose involvement is of relevance to the cause (i.e.  Home-Start volunteers, family beneficiaries etc).  The mounted cards will be displayed in the gallery on the 27th September with the name of each artist covered on the back…..once a card has been removed from display and PURCHASED – and only then – can the concealing paper be removed the name of the artist revealed. Thus art lovers will be buying what appeals personally, regardless of who the card is by.    

Home-Start North Dorset (HSND) raises funds to prepare and support volunteer parents provide temporary in-home assistance to young families (where there is at least one child under the age of five) who are struggling to cope – due often to domestic abuse, mental health issues or rural isolation. The volunteers spend time with the families and lend a sympathetic, non-judgemental ear, usually for three – four hours a week and for between three – six months. When a degree of stability and equilibrium has been restored or established, the HSND volunteer is expertly ‘matched’ to help with another family. Last year HSND helped over 70 families but had to turn away about 40% of requests for assistance due to the lack of trained volunteers. www.home-start-northdorset.co.uk