Equine painting and drawing with Madeleine Bunbury

For the first time at Guggleton we will have the accomplished horse painter Madeleine Bunbury in the yard! She will be teaching a workshop in Equine drawing from life on Sunday the 2nd of June, so bring along a good handful of hay!

To book or find out what to expect from your day then either use the handy contact form below or call the gallery on 01963 363456, Tuesday to Saturday between 11 and 3. The workshop will run from 10.30am until 4.30pm and costs just £45 [including model!] you can securely pay for your day here

Madeleine was born in 1995 on the island of Mustique in the West Indies and was educated at St.Mary’s school Shaftesbury. After school she travelled to Florence to study portraiture at the Charles Cecil studios for three years.

During her time in Florence, although it was solely human portraiture she studied, she always knew that it was horses she really wanted to use for her subject matter and so on her return to Dorset that is what she set out to do. 

She now travels around England and Europe painting traditional portraits of horses, always painted from life. Depending on the size of the commission she usually spends around a week wherever the horse is and paints it while it stands in a barn for a few hours each day, getting to know the animal in the process.

She is obviously heavily influenced by George Stubbs but it is her use of chiaroscuro and Lebrun like finishes that make the works both haunting and accessible to a non equine audience.


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