Drawing you in…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR  from Guggleton!

As usual all our regular workshops are on and available to view on-line: Carolyn’s art classes [Tues, Weds and Fri, 10-12] are back in full swing, plus Yoga with Jessie on Fridays at 1.30pm and a full month timetable of craft workshops with Sally is available on the website.

PLUS, starting this month, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10-1pm we have David Burns, our ceramics dude, schooling his classes with all things potty; from how to mix glazes from your kitchen cupboard to the right way to load and unload a kiln, Raku and Charcoal firing plus much more. Spaces are limited and sessions cost £20pp plus clay at cost. As a Farnham graduate, and with nearly half a century of experience under his tightly clasped belt, David has tales and tips a plenty to impart. Call the gallery or email for more details via the website.

Starting on Monday, and as seen in the current issue of Evolver, we will be having an exciting event ‘Drawing You In’ in the Milking Parlour Gallery. The majority of the large wall space in this new gallery will be given over to up-cycled newsprint on which the residents of Stalbridge and surrounds, young and old ,will be entreated to draw…. and respond to each other’s drawing. 

There will be materials, tea, coffee and biscuits on offer. Sessions will be during the day and some evenings and we would really like you to become involved too. 

The first 3 days [Monday 13 to Wednesday 15] will be closed sessions as we have all 7 years of Stalbridge Primary School coming in to kick things off [Phew – that is one hell of a blank page – thank you guys…]. After that the gallery will be open at the usual times [11-3, Monday to Saturday] for a fantastic free for all, plus for late afternoon/early evening sessions on Wednesday 15/22 and Thursday 16/21 from 4-6. Evening sessions for groups of friends can also be arranged by appointment, bring a bottle and a biro… If you’d like to facilitate your own session then please get in touch in the usual way. 

There will be a few basic caveats, obviously, no writing or rudeness, respect to and no over drawing of another’s work [unless it is a complimentary addition] and no tearing or sticking. The sessions will all be filmed with time lapse camera throughout, this film will then be shown at a tea party on Saturday the 25th from 11 until 3, alongside the drawing at the end of the two week sessions. 

A great opportunity to banish those January blues with the flourish of a pencil!

At the same time you will be able to see the wonderful wall hangings created in Rajasthan last year by the students of the Sambhali Trust www.sambhali-trust.org kindly on loan from Jennifer Morisetti throughout. Hopefully they will inspire us to do something equally beautiful with our wall….



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