Getting down and dirty at Guggleton need be neither time consuming nor back-breaking, you can become involved by simply donating some cash! [Blush].

We are now in need of vital funds to upgrade facilities in order to host more exhibitions, events and workshops and to create more studios and spaces for artists, makers and practitioners to work out of.

We hope that funds raised here will allow us to stage and host events that will let us include far more people in our endeavours, whilst in themselves raising funds for the ongoing development of the farmyard and program. 

We need funds to:

– Upgrade our lighting and hanging spaces in the galleries, especially environmentally. 

– Develop our yard to be fit for the purpose of staging outside events such as concerts, performances and cinema. 

– Provide 6-8 more low rent studio spaces for artists and makers

– Make our bathroom facilities much nicer….. 

– Create a cafe/coffee house – as we hope to be able to offer refreshments on a more permanent basis rather than in just a pop up fashion as we currently do.

Over the next few months we will be supporting artists and helping them to develop their practices; alongside a comprehensive offer of workshops and talks in the following: 

Stone carving, drawing, oil painting, ceramics, printmaking, leather craft, watercolour painting, equine and animal painting and sculpture, Japanese flower painting, life drawing, upholstery and up cycling. 

We firmly believe that creativity has much to offer the individual on every level whether it be participating in workshops, developing an arts practice of one’s own, visiting exhibitions and talks or simply socialising in a creative environment. To this end we will be developing an all inclusive membership system which can be entered by cash or time barter to ensure all aspects of the community are served. 

We will be developing our GUGGLEHEADS program aimed at getting more young people and children involved in aspects of creativity they may not be have the facilities or time to encounter at school.

As we believe that creative outlet is a great resource for ongoing mental healthiness we also aim to increase our GUGGLEHEALTH offer with courses in Meditation, NLP, Reiki and life coaching. We firmly believe that the capability to create is part of every human nature. The health benefits of creative pursuits are inarguable, sometimes though a person’s enjoyment of their creativity can be compromised physically, mentally or philosophically.

With that in mind, at the Guggleton we like to surround ourselves with people who can help creativity flourish; whether that be advancing your painting skills, freeing your hand, loosening your brush work or advancing your life skill, freeing your mind and loosening your back…  

We aim to offer support over every aspect of a persons’ creative outpourings and at the same time stay both accessible and relevant to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately all of this requires capital investment to ensure that facilities meet basic requirements and are fit for purpose and, whist we like to make sure we use the resources already available and lying around the farmyard, standards of care have to be met and we simply do not have the cash.

You may be assured that any funds donated to us will be made to work hard as they will be contributing to Guggleton’s ability to make money for itself. If you would like to help us to continue developing our vision then please consider a donation to our Crowdfunding Campaign. Or for a more personal route to helping us then please use the contact form below.

Thank you.