Drawing You In….

13th-25th January 2020 – In the Milking Parlour Gallery

For the next two weeks @thegugg we are having an AMAZING TIME! Thank you so much to all the students and staff of Stalbridge Primary School who have begun our giant gallery drawing so well! There is plenty of space left for friends, family, neighbours and all to come and be inspired by adding and reacting to their hard (fun)work over the next week and a bit; as we begin to cover the two remaining walls….The gallery will be open for drawing sessions at the following times: Wednesday and Thursday 11-5, Friday and Saturday 11-3 this week and Monday, Tuesday and Friday 11-3, Wednesday and Thursday 11-5 next week, all culminating with a tea party on Saturday the 25th between 1 and 3pm. Come along and banish the January gloom with the flourish of a pencil, it comes highly recommended!