Christian Bamber

Christian Bamber makes unique leather pieces using traditional English leather craftsmen tools and the finest full grain leather. No two pieces are ever the same so you can be sure of having something totally original, bespoke and unique to only you. 

The designs are created in-house and then carefully crafted by hand to produce the finished product, a process which can take from days to weeks depending on the item.

The end result will be chunky, robust, beautiful, maybe even idiosyncratic. It’ll last a lifetime and longer – each product comes with a lifetime guarantee (his lifetime anyway!) so you can be sure of owning a quality product.

If you value something that is not cut from a mould, stamped out from a machine, or produced in a factory then my leathers will give you immense satisfaction. Christian believes in keeping our fine traditions and crafts alive before we are entirely overcome by automation and digitsation. If you believe in this too, then own a bespoke heritage product and show everyone the art of leather crafting is still alive!

He loves the challenge of a good leather commission; whether it’s for a special bag you’ve always wanted, a wallet, a belt, you can get together with him and draw up a design to work from. He can help you choose and source the finest quality leather, linen threads and any forged hardware you  may need.

He also make unique leather items for historical pieces such as classic vehicles (e.g. bonnet straps, handles, tool rolls). Where possible, they can be designed and made according to old plans or photographs of the original piece. 

In short, if it can be made from leather Christian can probably make it! Please get in touch to discuss an idea or requirement you may have.

Christian also offers courses:

What’s better than owning or gifting a beautifully-made, traditional English bridle leather belt? Making your own!

Yes, it can be done; with a little tuition and guidance, you will leave the workshop with a belt of the highest quality. Not only this, you will never look at a belt the same again knowing what goes into making one and how to spot a truly well-crafted piece of work. 

The one-day course is perfect for one or two people which allows him to give you all of his time and attention. You’ll learn all about leather, tools and techniques including:

  • What leather is
  • Different types of leather
  • Methods of tanning
  • Hallmarks of a traditional, quality English belt
  • Cutting a leather strip using a plough
  • Making a belt template
  • Punching holes with different types of punch
  • Cutting leather with different blades
  • Using a creasing iron
  • Bevelling, finishing and burnishing edges
  • Skiving techniques
  • Saddle stitching
  • Treating your leather belt

This is a really fun course, perfect if you want to give leather crafting a go, to make someone a present or to give the course as a gift (gift certificates available).

“Thank you so much for a great day – really, really enjoyed it. I now want to do more though! Seriously, it was brilliant.” – Claire.

To contact Christian, book a course or purchase a gift certificate go here.