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    Welcome to the Hotel Gugglefornia……such a lovely place!

    This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we need your help! The GuggBugHotel is open for business but the rooms are looking a bit sparse…They need decorating and naming. If you are out on a walk then please pick up a room kit from the box on top of the cupboard. 
    Always wash your hands.

    For a great list of ideas of how to furnish your room then look here:


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    It’s Show Time!!!!

    This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we are making a doorway theatre for the puppets we made last week…You are going to need a large, or two medium sized, cardboard boxes and a kit from the cupboard. There are still a few puppet making kits available too if you wish to swell your cast…but if you don’t want to make any just use Barbie and Ken….teddy and panda or draw a face on a wooden spoon or two!

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    Puppets not muppets

  • New in The Crafty Cupboard

    Paper bag bunting!

    Here are the #craftycupboard paper bag bunting ‘how to’s: 

    REMEMBER PLEASE: Get an adult to do the dangerous bits (they love it), keep away from fire when complete, your bunting is not water proof! AND ALWAYS wash your hands! Happy Bunting!!!