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    Drawing you in…..

    Thank you to Sally Evans for these wonderful photographs of the finished community drawing. Well done to everyone who contributed, it was soooo sad to take it down, but we hope to do more of it and with it in the future…

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    The He Said She Shed….

    ….and it’s up! Thanks so much to everyone who came along to lend a hand and/or moral support on Monday last, the Stalbridge Men’s Shed (aka the ‘He Said She Shed…’) is almost ready for action! If you’d like to be a part of the setting up and onward organisation of this great new community space then please get in touch on 01963 363456 or message here…just some quick name checks; Chris, Ian, Ian, Fred, Jon, John, Stewart Ta!

    We are now full members of the UK Association of Men’s Sheds www.menssheds.org.uk  [opens in new window] now we just need to ‘man’ or indeed ‘woman’ it…. Donations of tools and time are coming thick and fast and so, if you have a project in mind you need help or advice with, if you have a broken item in need of repair, or if you simply fancy a nosey come on down to the GUGG…


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    Just in case you have forgotten how…

    At the end of Stalbridge Primary School’s ‘residency’ in the Milking Parlour Gallery and at the face of the giant community drawing, we asked the last class [Year 2] if they felt that the adults, who would now be allowed to add to the drawing as well, would know what to do…..

    The answer was, fairly inevitably, a resounding and sadly emphatic ‘no’.

    Given that they thought this to be the case the group of 6-7 year olds were then asked if they had any tips or hints to help their adults and other visitors. Of course they did! These are they:

    Here are a few snapshots of adults who took their advice and the advisors.

    The drawing will be added to until Saturday the 25th when we will have a tea and cake party to celebrate our collaboration [from 1-3pm]. DO come.

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    Drawing you in…..

    HAPPY NEW YEAR  from Guggleton!

    As usual all our regular workshops are on and available to view on-line: Carolyn’s art classes [Tues, Weds and Fri, 10-12] are back in full swing, plus Yoga with Jessie on Fridays at 1.30pm and a full month timetable of craft workshops with Sally is available on the website.

    PLUS, starting this month, on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10-1pm we have David Burns, our ceramics dude, schooling his classes with all things potty; from how to mix glazes from your kitchen cupboard to the right way to load and unload a kiln, Raku and Charcoal firing plus much more. Spaces are limited and sessions cost £20pp plus clay at cost. As a Farnham graduate, and with nearly half a century of experience under his tightly clasped belt, David has tales and tips a plenty to impart. Call the gallery or email for more details via the website.

    Starting on Monday, and as seen in the current issue of Evolver, we will be having an exciting event ‘Drawing You In’ in the Milking Parlour Gallery. The majority of the large wall space in this new gallery will be given over to up-cycled newsprint on which the residents of Stalbridge and surrounds, young and old ,will be entreated to draw…. and respond to each other’s drawing. 

    There will be materials, tea, coffee and biscuits on offer. Sessions will be during the day and some evenings and we would really like you to become involved too. 

    The first 3 days [Monday 13 to Wednesday 15] will be closed sessions as we have all 7 years of Stalbridge Primary School coming in to kick things off [Phew – that is one hell of a blank page – thank you guys…]. After that the gallery will be open at the usual times [11-3, Monday to Saturday] for a fantastic free for all, plus for late afternoon/early evening sessions on Wednesday 15/22 and Thursday 16/21 from 4-6. Evening sessions for groups of friends can also be arranged by appointment, bring a bottle and a biro… If you’d like to facilitate your own session then please get in touch in the usual way. 

    There will be a few basic caveats, obviously, no writing or rudeness, respect to and no over drawing of another’s work [unless it is a complimentary addition] and no tearing or sticking. The sessions will all be filmed with time lapse camera throughout, this film will then be shown at a tea party on Saturday the 25th from 11 until 3, alongside the drawing at the end of the two week sessions. 

    A great opportunity to banish those January blues with the flourish of a pencil!

    At the same time you will be able to see the wonderful wall hangings created in Rajasthan last year by the students of the Sambhali Trust www.sambhali-trust.org kindly on loan from Jennifer Morisetti throughout. Hopefully they will inspire us to do something equally beautiful with our wall….



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    Go figure; go further

    A follow up exhibit featuring the work of seven of our Summer Open GO FIGURE artists which has been created as a direct result of challenging their practices’ since meeting and discussing their work in August.

    20 December-11 January 2020, 11-3, Tuesday-Saturday 

    The gallery is closed from 23 December until 7th January

    Artists included in the exhibit are:

    Sasha Constable

    John Bartholemew

    Rose Eva

    Jane Collins

    Alison Underwood

    Millie Gleeson

    Imogen Bittner

    Emily Gore


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    Isabel de Pelet’s Young Artists’ Exhibition 2019

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and highly commended artists of the Isabel de Pelet Young Artist of the year exhibition 2019.

    Now in its 24th year, the winners were awarded on Friday evening at the preview, and were selected by the ladies of Blackmore Vale Division of the Arts Society.  

    William Montgomery took the top prize for his bronzes ‘Fox’ and ‘Kudu’ with Peter Hazard taking second and Sharon Hutchings third.

    Here they are pictured with their work, Isabel and some of the judges.

    The show, in the new Milking Parlour Gallery, is open from now until the 14th of December, Tuesday to Saturday, 11 until 3.

    Thank you so much to all the artists who entered their work and of course to the judges, Sheila Williams, Jill de Bretton Gordon and Penny Brentall, for their time.

    Photos courtesy of Sally Evans Photography 

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    It was a wild, wild thing…..

    An amazing evening of entertainment was enjoyed by all who cosied into the Milking Parlour on Saturday 30 November for ‘Me, Myself and Icons’ with Jo Burt and his backing crew.

    The audience were given an insight into his weird and wonderful experiences of a life in entertainment ‘Freddie Mercury ate my piano…’ that kind of thing….

    The gig ended spectacularly with a kinda Troggs reunion when Colin Fletcher joined Jo, Antonia and Kathy on stage for a few unforgettable numbers.

    Looking forward so much to having Jo and his team back at the Guggleton next year [SAVE THE DATE] for the Gugg Guitarfest on the 25th of July! www.joburt.co.uk


  • Latest exhibition

    David Burns and Mary Tambini


    Ceramics, collage and creatures exploding, exploring and expiring in the Milking Parlour….this intriguing show brings together the work of David Burns and Mary Tambini for the first time; in a conversation that begins in the cradle of civilisation and ends in planetary implosion at our own hands. Open until 26 November, Tuesday-Saturday, 11-3, it’s a must see.

    Having been already familiar with David’s work curator, Deanne Tremlett, on being invited to visit Mary in her studio said:

    “From the moment I visited Mary’s studio in Childe Okeford I knew I had to get her in a room with David. There is something fragile here and yet deeply grounded in a collective cultural consciousness.”

    She felt that here was a conversation to be had – and here it is.

    Mary researched this latest work on a visit to Kurdistan, where images 1000s of years old were the inspiration for the distilled motifs threaded throughout the work. It is a beautiful body of collage and ceramic sculpture with a collective feeling of cultural substance.

    David has this to say about his recent work:

    “The 11-year ticking clock in which to fix climate change and global warming has led me to respond with the present pots. The way humanity has squandered the resources of the planet we live on for what? Gain is only a relative term, some of the least affected by technology would seem to have a more carefree, healthy lifestyle than the likes of those making a financial killing by killing themselves.

    I see the bowls as various versions of the cosmic black hole relentlessly sucking in everything in its path, all the trappings of success and achievement in the modern view going at light speed down the toilet to who knows where. It could be argued by the kinder folk amongst us that our present predicament is due to everyone not firstly understanding our planet home and secondly thinking that because things in the old days changed grindingly slowly it would always be so. Some would say”it’s not about misunderstanding and ignorance” but a pure, couldn’t care less attitude. Human beings are far too smart for their own good.

    Surprising then that precious few have seen the writing on the wall. Possibly a condition of having a knowledge base that starts at zero and ends at zero point one.

    Over time I have collected various different textured surfaces that are used in combinations on the bowls. They are made into press mouls and combined with thrown surfaces to produce the outside of the bowls complementing the interior pattern. I then use combinations of keys, coins, other metal objects and broken porcelain dolls to create the final images. My direction and ethos to highlight the effects of global warming, climate change, degeneration and decay are thus integrated into the work. I use many unconventional methods and materials to create the surfaces I require by adding brick dust, fibre and ground glass into my clay bodies firing them in different temperatures and atmospheres.”



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    Hallowe’en @thegugg


    We have a lot to be excited about in the coming week @thegugg! And we don’t just mean of the sticky, sweet kind….

    On Thursday we have our #bringingthetrickback Hallowe’en Party; with the Open Mic stage being thrown open to Trick AND Treaters from 6-7 and then the usual Bakerman Dan Pizzas, singing and hi-jinks with added apple bobbing and the like…why not come take a turn? Dressing up is to be advised….

    On Friday, during the day, we are delighted to welcome stone mason, Jonathan Sells, to the Gugg team as he kicks off his work with us with 3 two hour ‘Introduction to stone relief carving’ workshops, running from 10 until 5, at a cost of only £20 [plus £5 for your stone]. A great opportunity to easily get to grips with this fascinating skill and, possibly, make yourself a scary gargoyle…boooooooking advised…

    Then on Friday evening Dr Frances Eustace will give her fascinating ‘Death and the Dance’ talk and performance, in the Milking Parlour Gallery, from 7. Tickets £10 or £12 on the door. Why should the kids get all the Spooky fun huh? 

    Then on Saturday the gorgeous Alex Williams will be closing out his highly successful show CATTLE with the Auctioning of the ‘Cattle Crossing’ sign he made for the occasion. Some of the proceeds from the sale will go to the charity Send a Cow: www.sendacow.org  The gallery will be open from 11-3, with the auction taking place at 1pm, this will also coincide with the doors opening on the new Guggleton Farm Crafts Shop, in the Yard Barn…. but more of that in bit.

    If you would like to participate in or join us for any of the above then please call the gallery on 01963 363456 or use the contact form below.




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    CATTLE hanging around in the Milking Parlour

    A very successful opening night for Alex Williams [seen here in the grey jacket] in the Milking Parlour Gallery. We feel privileged that Alex created these new works specifically for our new gallery space and it was particularly gratifying that so many works sold on the first night.

    Alex trained at St Martin’s School of Art and The University of Wales. He became an art teacher, later Head of Art, at schools in Hertfordshire before moving to Hay-on-Wye to set up his design and print studio. Moving to the Welsh Border country in the late 1970’s was catalytic in his development as a painter of farm landscapes, animals, buildings and agriculture.

    His work was widely exhibited in the UK and Alex then moved to Los Angeles for three years, exhibiting there and undertaking commissions for Tom Jones and Jackson Browne as well as for magazines and companies.

    His images have been widely used in Tableware and Fine Bone China, Limited Edition Prints and Greetings Cards.

    His versatility also extends to numerous TV appearances as artist and art teacher, in Australia as well as in the UK. He has exhibited widely in both individual and group shows and his work is in many public and private collections;

    The National Museum of Wales has purchased a number of his landscapes of the Welsh Borders and he has collaborated very successful with the National Trust on a range of products.

    His recent show at The Fosse, “Only the Lonely” brought together his love of “Period Rock” (his term) and the lives of farming folk their live stock and rambling buildings.

    Alex’s work can be seen up until the 2nd of November, the gallery is open from 11 until 3, Tuesday to Saturday.