Guggleton Farm Arts is situated in the yard and outbuildings of a 16th century farm, the farmland of which has now been covered with housing.

It is located in the small town of Stalbridge, Dorset.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

The Guggleton Farm Arts Project has existed for some 25 years; created by its founder and owner, Isabel de Pelet, who is one of our Directors and still remains heavily involved. In January 2020 we became a CIC [Community Interest Company] and in January 2021 we became a certified member of Social Enterprise UK


We have 7 local Directors and a 14 strong Creative Committee made up of artists, craftworkers and members of the local community.


Our aim is to provide opportunities for residents, and visitors, to become involved in creativity of all kinds at all levels; alongside showing the work of others to inspire, running classes which allow the participants to aspire, reaching the young through our Guggleheads fun and engaging with as many individuals as possible.


Our focus is upon creativity and development. We aim to provide a welcoming environment for the creation of the new; in whatever form that might take for the individual.


Our offer encompasses diverse artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, stone carving, textile design, printmaking, music and performance, ceramics and associated crafts. 


It is our aim to provide an experimental space, an opportunity for anyone in the community, who so wishes, to become involved in a creative pursuit of some kind in order to foster new work, artists and skills, both amateur and professional, but with a strong emphasis upon the process and the journey.


This non-outcome based approach, we believe, provides a refreshing counterpoint to everyday life. 


We support established artists by providing them with a space to experiment, new artists with the network, structure and exposure to develop and raw artists with the opportunity to grow.


At the heart of all our work is the belief that a creative pursuit, no matter its form and independent of its outcome, promotes wellbeing, nurtures the mind and provokes discussion and engagement.


We are a place for all ages and experience, offering opportunities to become involved in a creative community, with all of the joy and growth that this creates.


If your approach to life and the arts in any way coincides with your own then there are many ways that you can become involved at the yard. Please visit our Get Involved area to learn more.