• Latest exhibition

    Four Contemporary Landscape Painters

    We are delighted to announce the opening of our, rescheduled for lockdown, contemporary landscape show in the Milking Parlour Gallery from the 25th of July until the 13th of August [Tues-Sat, 11-3]

    Hester Berry, Day Bowman, Rita Brown and Sam Travers have been selected for the show as their particular take on the landscapes around them offers a unique and fresh perspective on the genre. 

    Accomplished brush-workers all; their use of paint, mixed media and surface is to be beheld. Two dimensional images of their works do them no justice, so please do pop along to the gallery where you can be assured of a safe and suitable place to view this stunning work. 

    There is a wide price range of work available and sizes suitable to grace all manner of homes and spaces.

    The artists themselves will be in conversation at a socially distanced event on the Friday 31st of July at 6pm when refreshments will be served. The event is ticketed [but free] and these can be reserved here.


  • Latest exhibition

    Wendy Elia Exhibit reopens – alongside Masterclass

    Wendy Elia RWA – In the Milking Parlour Gallery 1-11 July , Tues-Sat, 11-3

    For the first time outside of London, this exhibition brings together key works in Elia’s catalogue that give a sense of the personal and professional journey the artist has undertaken. Key works such as ‘Maxime Spinning’ and ‘The Visit’ series will be on show. Curated by Deanne Tremlett, who has worked with Elia three times before, and in a new and exciting space for Dorset this show promises to both stun and stymie. coincide with her Guggleton Exhibition – ‘WENDY ELIA – Significant Works to date’ [in the Milking Parlour Gallery 1st – 11th], Wendy will be teaching a Masterclass in oils, mixing and portraiture.

    On the 11th of July you are invited to join Wendy between 10.30 and 4.30 for a full days’ class and light lunch. Places cost £80 and are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. You can secure yours by calling the gallery on 01963 363456.

  • Latest developments


    All go @thegugg this week! We are, in line with guidance from the #ukmensshedsassociation #ukmenssheds OPENING THE REPAIR SHOP SHED for business this Saturday at 2pm! We will have to postpone the tea party until July but in the meantime we need people with time and tools! The shed team will be on site between 2 and 4 on Saturday (13th) to answer questions and help those who wish to become involved. PLEASE POP DOWN. We will ensure that current safeguarding measures are observed. All donations of tools, shelves etc gratefully received…..thank you to Stalbridge Builders and The Vintage Tool Shop for their generous support!

  • New in The Crafty Cupboard

    Welcome to the Hotel Gugglefornia……such a lovely place!

    This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we need your help! The GuggBugHotel is open for business but the rooms are looking a bit sparse…They need decorating and naming. If you are out on a walk then please pick up a room kit from the box on top of the cupboard. 
    Always wash your hands.

    For a great list of ideas of how to furnish your room then look here:


  • New in The Crafty Cupboard

    It’s Show Time!!!!

    This week in #thecraftycupboard @thegugg we are making a doorway theatre for the puppets we made last week…You are going to need a large, or two medium sized, cardboard boxes and a kit from the cupboard. There are still a few puppet making kits available too if you wish to swell your cast…but if you don’t want to make any just use Barbie and Ken….teddy and panda or draw a face on a wooden spoon or two!

  • New in The Crafty Cupboard

    Puppets not muppets

  • New in The Crafty Cupboard

    Paper bag bunting!

    Here are the #craftycupboard paper bag bunting ‘how to’s: 

    REMEMBER PLEASE: Get an adult to do the dangerous bits (they love it), keep away from fire when complete, your bunting is not water proof! AND ALWAYS wash your hands! Happy Bunting!!! 

  • Latest events

    Stalbridge Goes Wild! Bee Project

    In the Crafty Cupboard we now have pom-pom bee making kits…. lets not forget that, while we are all home the bees are still out working!

    In the last few weeks before lockdown the Stalbridge goes Wild! [opens on their FACEBOOK page] Team have been preparing the ground and sowing wildflower seeds in locations around Stalbridge and the first few shoots are starting to show!

    So let’s help the bees get to work by putting up some signposts! 

    Simply click on here to go to our pom-pom bee making instruction page – huge apologies for the state of my bee – I am sure you can all do WAY better [I think mine might actually put them off!]
    AAAARRGGHHHHH….. I’m more of a painter than a crafter, sorry bees, so I guess its ‘back to the drawing board’ for me….

    Can’t wait to see your bees’ knees!


  • Latest events


    Happy to announce that Dike & Sons are providing all the prizes for this HOORAY!

    It’s a ‘my locked down family’ affair so let’s have asmany families/not families/relations/pets and cohabitants having some creative fun! Please hand decorate your hats and enter by sending a group photo by 6pm on Easter Monday to: deannetremlett@milkspace.co.uk

    The most eggciting photo will win Easter Eggs for all the family thanks to the most eggstroadinary eggenerosity of Dike & Sons, and that’s no yoke!

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    Wendy Elia RWA in the Milking Parlour

    Sadly this exhibition had to close prematurely. Those who saw it before that, however, described it as one of the best they had seen in the region for some time. Here you can see it in all it’s glory…. WARNING MALE NUDITY. Thank you to Wendy Elia RWA for entrusting her work to the Gugg.

    Click on the poster and take a walk with Wendy….